Butter Battle

I’ll warn you.  I do not have children. My life consists of my school, work, school, work, work and school. And, natch, my family and friends. And, my pets. So while other people write blogs about their adorable kiddos, which I read  with gusto and chirp at the pictures, you all will have to settle for hearing about my cat and dog.  And I can’t promise I’ll keep it to a minimum, because frankly, I think they’re funny and so should you.

The latest epistle here at the Menagerie is the Butter Battle. But before I give you the details of this rather short-lived situation, let me give you a bit of background.

My cat came to me because her previous owners had adopted a Great Dane, Walter.  Walter was a sweet dog, but ultimately kind of liked using Grizzle as a chew toy, and my guess is that Griz did not so much appreciate that. So, I took her in. I was skeptical. She long haired and messy and she glowered at me. And then, a day passed and she purred like a broken record and I was in love. Griz has a few habits of note: not the least of which is that she loves paper of any sort, and will play fetch with a paper ball (only paper balls, nothing else).  Also of note: while she likes milk and tuna like most cats, she’s not particularly into people food. She does, however, lust after butter. When she sees that white butter dish on the table, IT IS ON. Everything in her world suddenly revolves around getting her furry face in that butter.

Emmett came along, much to Grizzle’s chagrin. And, ironically, he’s part Great Dane. However, he pays very little attention to her, so she lets him stay.  Emmett, like any dog in his right mind, loves any sort of people food, though he’s generally fairly polite and just stares at you uncomfortably while you’re enjoying your dinner, and then all hangdog, half-heartedly nibbles at his dog chow.

So, Emmett’s really good. He is the best trained 18 month old Labrador/Great Dane mix I’ve ever met. He’s calm, potty trained, doesn’t bark, does fairly well on a leash, knows basic commands, you know, all the important stuff. We’ve been crating him when we’re away, but he sleeps on his dog bed in our room (sans crate) at night.  He’s been so well-behaved I decided to try a little experiment.

I had an hour long interview on campus last week. I decided to let Emmett go free range.  After rushing home, sure that my house would be in shambles and my shoes in pieces, I unlocked the door to a very bouncy, happy dog, and a house just as I left it.  I went about my business.  As I was walking through my bedroom thirty minutes or so later, I found the remains of a stick of butter on my dog’s bed.

A whole stick of butter. That I’d left out for baking later.

And just above said dog bed and butter wrapper, my cat, glowering.  Below you’ll find the re-enactment of said events.

Here’s what I find particularly hilarious about this situation. One, that of all the things my dog could go after–and probably not share–it would be the one thing my cat looooooves.  If animals can talk amongst themselves, like they do in the cartoons and Disney movies, I can only imagine what that conversation must have sounded like.

Also, he took the butter to his bed. He loves his bed, but rather than devour the butter right there in the kitchen, he was patient enough to carry it to his bed where he could comfortably recline and dine.  Awesome.


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  1. That dog is scrumptious, yo! I will chirp at him with pleasure…. Glad you’re back xoxo

  2. I love LOVE your animals! So excited to hear more tales of the two!

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