Summer Reading Kick Off

Here’s the stack of books I’m planning to read this summer:

I tell you this because if you’re planning on following this blog, you’re probably about to start hearing about this monstrosity of a stack.  As in, today.  As in, I’m going to tell you what I added, subtracted, disliked, fawned over…probably mostly fawned over, because I’m an cautious optimist at heart.

And, the optimist in me wants to share with you:

Again, the classic case of the cautious optimist. As you can tell by my bookmarker (aside from the fact that I am a student, and therefore have the abhorrent habit of needing a pen while I’m reading, even for pleasure), I am not finished with this one. I’m not even halfway through. And yet, she’s a woman by my own heart: she loves food and loves to write, writes through pleasure and pain and she’s damn funny.  So far, I highly recommend. Also, I’ve been reading her blog and it’s as charming as the book, so I’m pretty sure I’ll keep liking her.

Part cookbook, part memoir, Molly writes about her love affair with food, her hilariously likable family, and especially, her father.  The recipes are quite good, according to my mother, who recommended this book to me, but made me buy my own copy because she couldn’t part with hers. She has been whipping up a new one every weekend, and while she is equally possessive about her concoctions, she regales me with tales of the recipes on our weekly walks.  You’ll have to take Gwenie’s word for it on the tastiness, but trust me, Molly has a wry sense of humor laced delicately with sarcasm.

I always love to read memoir-y type books by people who I genuinely want to be friends with–enjoy!


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  1. So I read Molly’s blog and all the comments about polenta and now I’ve bought her book. Is this how is going to go with all those books in that stack?

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