All Work+Some Play=Sarah Loses Her Mind, i.e., Summer of Buried Treasure

I’ll be honest.  I haven’t had time in the last three or four weeks to read anyone else’s blog (sorry, friends) much less write on my own. Which is sad, because this is one of the top ten most fun things in my world.  Do not be afraid, I am not far…give me two more weeks and I’ll be back with a vengeance.  That said, just to keep you caught up on my world:

Here’s whats happened to me since we last talked:

  • half marathon numero dos.  With my favorite Seattle broads, Marilou and Maria. Super fun, Maria and I crossed the finish line together. I’ve never run with anyone else before–save three miles every so often with Mr. B–and I quite liked it.
  • half marathon numero tres: October 2.  Training in July and August, super fun.  So far I’ve not made it through one run without wheezing and walking. Seriously, it’s like a vice around my rib cage and a noose around my neck, this humidity.
  • interning. interning. interning. free. interning. free. interning. driving. interning.
  • writing grants, learning to anyway. I’m taking a class. We are graded based upon a group project wherein we write a letter proposal for an organization. It’s exhausting, all this wordsmithing.  And yet…I like feeling like we’re getting something done for an organization that could really use it.
  • working, working, interviewing, coding, interviewing, data, data, coding data.
  • mixin’ up scents at Makes Scents–come see me!  It’s like cooking, but with smelly good stuff.
  • tryin’ to write more. See me here:
  • I’m a mystery reader now, thanks to Sarah B-J.  A whole new world of fiction just opened up to me. I just finished this one: And, I’ll have you all know, I’ve now read more books this year than I did in all of last year….28 to be exact.  Take that, master’s degree. I’ll see you’re reading list and raise you some before bed reading.

Wow. It is time for me to retire…this is what happens when good little girls work to hard…they start sounding like imbeciles.

Please stay tuned. I’ll be back.


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  1. You go Sarah! Is your run in October local? When your class is over I will bring you a bottle of wine:)

  2. So glad you like the mystery! That’s a whole series that is good. Did I recommend ” Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie”? I do.

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