I will not hate

I am about to spend two hours with a group of cancer patients, talking about how writing can heal, how we own the words we put on paper, how empowering they can be.

I’m seeing the other side of that coin.
I do not wish to take away the closure that so many victims and families of those lost in 9/11 feel. I do not wish to negate the hard work our service members have seen in the last ten years, or their need or desire to find satisfaction in a job well done.

I do not think Osama bin Laden should have lived. He was an evil, evil man.

I will not spend the days or weeks following this event celebrating it. I refuse to be the kind of person that rejoices in anyone’s death, no matter how evil.

I don’t give a shit who wrote the MLK quote, or what it means that it was all over social media.

I’m not going to debate whether or not Pres. Obama had any hand in this, or whether he should “take credit” for killing bin Laden. To date, I’m pretty sure PUSA hasn’t claimed to actually pulling any triggers.

The whole event, from the public’s reaction, to the criticism of those who chose to be focused on peace and love, to the ridiculous mass assumption that suddenly all terrorism will disappear because “we showed them,” has been such a disturbing and unsettling event. I am not a crier, but all of this makes me want to cry. I am dismayed. I am disappointed. I am saddened. I kinda want to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

I would like to spend my time thinking about how I can make the world better, and in my view that means putting forth positivity.

I will not spend the next hours, days, weeks reveling in my hatred for bin Laden or Al Qaeda.

I will not allow this to charge me politically one way or another. I will try not to judge those who do.

I am going to steel myself, and try to help others find the positive ways they can use their voices, for good.

And I’m taking a social media vacation, because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my world.


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  1. Amen, Sarah. You speak my thoughts….

    Keep up your writing. You inspire me.

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