Today I’m thankful for Brussels sprouts.

Seriously. I just ate half a pound of the most amazing batch of roasted Brussels sprouts with a little salt and pepper and thyme, pecans and a splash of cider vinegar. I set off the smoke detectors twice, but oh my God. I could eat my body weight in those things. Brian is out of town on business. This is what happens.

My first year in Seattle (the first time) I was so homesick around the holidays that my mom and I started a project. Every morning we sent each other a simple list of five things we were thankful for and five things we wished for. There weren’t any other rules—you could repeat as much as you wanted, you could be thankful for anything. I remember how I looked forward to those emails every morning, and how they kept me afloat on the days that I was hanging on by a thread.

There is something about the act of writing these things down. I mean, I talked to my mom every day. I still do, most of the time. I could have just as easily recited my ten things into the receiver. But that wouldn’t have had the same effect.

If I’m to understand it correctly, our brains forge a link when we write things. When we write things, our brains take step closer to believing.  I think that’s important.

By the end of the month, we both noticed that our thankful lists grew longer everyday, and our wish lists grew shorter. As they should.

I’m noticing my Facebook friends doing something similar in their status lines. Each day, there is a new post of something they are thankful for. I love it. Frankly, most of the time the Facebook status treads a fine line between shameless gloating and exhibitionist entitlement issues. I can’t tell you how many times I read statuses and shake my head. It’s amazing the things people can find to complain about, and with Facebook at our cellular fingertips; it’s a constant stream of verbal diarrhea.

I’m joining the club. I’m starting my month of thanks on the blog. I’m not limiting myself to one thing…but at least one a day. Should be a piece of cake.

Today, though, definitely Brussels sprouts top the list.


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  1. I am happy to join this effort again. Today I am grateful for the rain, the gusts of wind that usher in a taste of winter, our health, you, Beth, the hubbies and your furry family friends.

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