Monthly Archives: February 2012

My kind of love note

I love when my husband leaves me love notes.

In the refrigerator.

That use the word ubiquitous.

And refer to ass-slapping.

My hero.



I’m having some real trouble posting lately. Not writing, mind you. Somehow, the writing is pouring like a faucet. It’s the posting.

2012 has been a real ass-kicker so far.

I’m not really the praying kind. I’m not even sure I’m the believing kind. And when you watch people you care about struggle so hard, wrangle with such all-consuming pain, it’s hard to keep the faith that somehow there’s more meaning to it all. Or, maybe it should be evidence that there is.

Not the time or the place for that, though.

So I’m not even real sure how to do this praying thing. I will say this: I am wishing, hoping, thinking, meditating on peace for my friends close and far who’ve lost in the last few weeks. And when I tried to find some words to capture that wish/hope/thought/meditation, I found this. And I can’t really think of anything better.