Partners in Crime

Danger, Will Robinson

This is Emmett. He’s the newest addition to the Beahan menagerie.  The thing about Emmett is that he has only been around a week and I am totally smitten with those puppy dog eyes, that ginormous shnoze and the fact that he grins when he sees me.  He is also a bit of a puppy and kind of hilarious. And, he looks an awful lot like the dog I grew up with.

The Griz Monster

This is Grizzle. Short for Grizelda. Also known to some as Lucy (but, shhhh, we think Grizzle suits her better).  She is also kind of hilarious. She’s been with me through five apartments, two cross-country moves, countless roomies and roomie’s pets. She is quite literally, the most tolerant cat I’ve ever met in my life. She is pretty sure she’s not of the feline persuasion. And, currently, every morning she wakes up to the snuffling Emmett and rolls her eyes at us “He’s still here? Really?”  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this cat–I once wrote a blog about how I needed to find a boyfriend just like her.

Mister Beahan

Last, but most certainly not least (and probably cringing at the fact that I’ve put his face on a website), the lovely gentleman that convinced me that I might maybe be the marrying kind…the one and only, Mr. B.

  1. OK, I have to meet Grizzle. She’s SO incredibly cute! Maybe she can come to the Sip and Shop tomorrow?

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